The Spirit of a Cliff Dwelling

Long gone he is but his spirit remains, guarding the bones of loved ones lost. Invisible to my eye but seen in my mind still. Warrior perhaps or maybe a farmer  whose crops failed in an ancient drought—leaving the women and the children to starve. Or more likely, a shaman wise in the ways of […]

The Joy of Awakening to the Sun–Not an Alarm

Sleeping away the night, whether ready to waken or not, sunlight brightens the room, penetrating eyelids closed in repose. Retirement means never getting up to an alarm—strident and insistent, “Wake up! Make ready for another workday. Now it is the gradual departure of darkness, replaced by sunlight brightening the window shade in the cooler months. […]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom: When You Do Foolish Things, Do Them With Enthusiasm

Breaking the somewhat clamshell shape of the cookie, my brown-sauce-slick fingers pulled out the literary treasure. Along with a few digits, allegedly winning numbers for some unnamed lottery, came these words of wisdom: When you do foolish things, do them with enthusiasm.  Hah, I wondered—enthusiastically foolish or foolishly enthusiastic? I certainly have done my share […]

I Remember Too Much (Too Well, Actually)

I remember too much. It annoys the hell out of my wife, who says things like, “your head is going to explode”  or “next lifetime I want to have the memory you have.” Watching Rizzoli and Isles this summer, a character says to another, “What’s the capitol of Chile?” Santiago, I blurt out. I think […]

I Am the Spider Whisperer

My wife calls me the spider whisperer. I talk to them as I escort them out the door, releasing them with care to avoid breaking a fragile leg. Some escape briefly from the tissue to run along my hand or arm enroute to the door. But I capture them again. I don’t suppose that they […]