Diets and a Corollary to the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy

On the eve of Thanksgiving, here is a tale of diets to divert you. Never 50 inches, but the waistline is still too large. Not as large as it has been, but still too much. Salads and diets don’t do much for me. Give me an acute illness and the pounds will melt right off. […]

Former Farmer to Door-to-Door Huckster

I never worked on a farm. Visited one once, during a full-on immersion into a prospective college major, American Studies. Farming hardly seems unique to America, but the faculty advisor for that major thought it important to make the visit. As pastoral as the family farm might seem to some, it helped put me off […]

Comments Always Welcome — Subscribe to New Posts

Just a reminder, comments are always welcome on any posts. A name and email address is required just for spam prevention. Your email address is NOT published. All comments must be approved before posting. Also, a new feature has been added–you can now subscribe to new posts via email. You can control how often the […]

Cattle Crossing–Canine Curiosity

A chorus of grunts and moos, a veritable bovine symphony greets the dawn, the dusk and all of the day in between. They wander hither and yon, some solo and others in claques of three or four. Young, old; brown or black. Some lay about taking a break from their grass munching duties. They sit […]

Petroglyphs Bring Castaneda Back to Mind

  The petroglyphs stirred memories of Castaneda in his mind. He never quite managed the task of stopping the world. As a raven hopped from one roost to another along the ridgeline above the glyph wall, he dreamed of soaring above the hills seeing through the raven’s eyes. Without the jimson weed, that would not […]

Enjoy Your Life–Do Your Best

We meet, we marry, we live our lives connected for the span we have as a mortal. We die—one at a time or together. No longer conscious, we cannot think or plan—we cannot know. We wait for rebirth in a state of latency until it is time to be mortal again—when our entity will enter […]

I Don’t Really Believe in UFOs–But

Lying half-awake on the sofa I peer out the high windows above me, looking between the leaves of a large elm. The empty spaces fill my mind with another time lying on a sleeping bag under New Mexico skies. Crawling out of the two-man tent formed by a pair of shelter halves, I see a […]