The Reluctant Sneeze–a Children’s Story to Come

I never have the problem; well, hardly ever. Common enough for my wife. She tenses up, prepares for a sneeze to explode from her nose and then POOF! It just stops in its tracks–or nostrils I should say.  Seems like a good story for the little ones, with appropriate illustrations. Here’s a start: “Begone with you […]

The Dipping Bowls–an Old Fashioned Murder Mystery

Well, it isn’t a story yet, but it could be. Needs lots of work yet. It’s so odd how the topical phrases wind up in the writing folder on the computer. This one, as so many, comes from my wife. She noted in passing after setting the plates on the table one evening that she […]

Dragons–and the Bark of a Butterfly

An excerpt from a work in progress. [A version of this appeared in the August Eagle Peak Quarterly, a web only magazine.] Maybe an opening or maybe not. Let me know what you think. Comments always welcome and subscriptions too. Share it with friends if you like it.   Her iridescent blue scales flashed brightly […]

Arrival in Country; Hello Dali–an Excerpt from Waiting for Westmoreland

Here is an excerpt, the opening actually, of Chapter 5: Arrival in Country; Hello Dali from Waiting for Westmoreland. Published  in the fall of 2007, this memoir is just as good now as then. But don’t buy it now; look for availability of the book at a reduced price and in more formats this spring. For more […]

Jack and Jill–a Rhyme Revised

She just stood there shivering, holding the empty pail.  Her drenched hair and clothes were making a large puddle.  She didn’t seem to care.  Then her lips trembled and her throat quivered like she was going to say something, but she made no sound.  Still, I heard her mournful voice, demanding answers:  Who is she, […]

The End of Love Is Like a Death

Love that ends is like a death. You knew that, didn’t you? Many years ago Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified four stages of grief following the death of a loved one. They include denial, anger, depression and acceptance. The death of a relationship adds one more—bargaining, more or less coupled with denial, entails the pleading and the […]