Writing On the Fly Can Be a Time Waster

All right, this isn’t an excerpt; it’s an observation about writing technique. That’s something I typically offer on my other blog, Views from Eagle Peak. But there is enough in this observation that I will bend my own informal rules. Procrastination is a predilection I suffer from; over time (haha) I have learned how to […]

A Closet Door

The beginning of a story that I actually do plan on working on, perhaps later this year.  Lisa’s radiant red hair burst into flaming curls, billowing in the wind as the sun hit the sandy shore. What a prize he had, better than he deserved, perhaps some might say. Let them. She enjoyed his company […]

Musings from Long Ago–Hippies and Freaks

I never fully embraced the hippie life. I had more essential things to do with my life–protesting the war and trying to get an education post Vietnam. The nuance, if any, between freaks and hippies escapes me now. Which countercultural group did I identify with more? Hmm, can’t say that the issue presented itself forthrightly, as a […]

The Visitor

A short sketch, opening for a new story perhaps. The leaf is singing still, heard by the priest and offered to his fellow Druids. A dying faith, no longer as popular a practice among the people as priests became more and more a part of the political and legal structure and less leading religious activities. […]

Sights and Sounds of Maine–the Sea and the Lakes

I have never seen Triton nor heard him blow his horn but the lakes and the seas have their sounds that move the soul of one who listens to them rather than a tablet or a phone. Waves crash against the rocky shore of Maine as the water moves up and down within containers invisible to human […]

Sleeping Together But Alone

They slept together but alone. The marriage was over in fact but not in name. Legalities awaited. Six months living apart required for the no fault divorce. No cohabitation the law spelled out. But he, a student, and she a nurse’s aide,  could scarcely afford the minimal costs of the divorce itself, let alone separate […]