The Serial Killer

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any company, product or person is not intended to reflect any actual events past or present. No such events have occurred in any town or company to the author’s knowledge nor are they intended as a commentary on such. The serial killer awoke before dawn, as […]

The Onion Down Below

A simple phrase of multiple meanings–for a writer. Four words of no great import but like any others, they offer opportunity to craft something from them. A fellow writer disputes the virtue of writing prompts, saying they waste time and serve little useful purpose–neither in inspiration or the prospect of published work. I disagree on […]

The Gravel Watcher

Only a very short item today, because I want to call your attention to the revised Waiting for Westmoreland page (see above, under the header) that is newly updated with a significantly longer sample (5,000+ words worth). This comes in connection with the happy news that the memoir is now available for $3.99 as an eBook (Kindle, iTunes, Nook, […]

Through a Raven’s Eye

A Castaneda-inspired response to a writing prompt at my local writers group. Maybe a short story will come of it. He looked down on the towering mountain through the eyes of a raven. She was there, in the sacred spot, her hair aflame in the bright sun burning through the oracle window. He circled lower […]

New Blog Post Schedule for John Maberry’s Writing

Just in case you are paying attention, I am moving from a new post every five days to a once a week schedule.  The NEXT post HERE will come on Saturday, April 4 and each Saturday thereafter. Please visit Views from Eagle Peak for your April 1st fix. Since I have two blogs, this will afford me […]