Waiting for Westmoreland | Snowflakes in a Blizzard

Well, this is obviously self-promotional–but then that’s the whole point of this site anyway, isn’t it? BUT, it’s also a siren call to fellow writers to make use of this FREE site AND also to readers who may want to be aware of another source for finding books to read. So here, in all it’s […]

Garden or Not? Sometimes the Answer Is Simple

My wife preferred a flower garden over vegetables. It might as well have been a vegetable garden for the deer loved it as much or more than she did. Cut hair, pepper spray and even a brand name repellent did not deter the deer in their gustatory pursuit. Then there were the weeds which laughed […]

Valar Morghulis–All Men Must Die

Valar morghulis. Nice though it might seem to live forever, an eternal life could lose joy to boredom—a most disconcerting result. More so a life that continues in senescence and senility. Only a creative and healthy life, preferably one with sustained youth or no more than middle age in a physical sense could be treasured. […]

Birth of a Monarch

He captured the black, yellow and white striped caterpillar on a branch in the yard. He put it in the empty peanut butter jar he had prepared, with blades of fresh grass lining the bottom. Matt closed the clear cage with the jar’s lid, pierced in multiple places by an ice pick. In time, the creature wrapped […]

The Angler

The angler puts his line into the clear cold water in hopes of hooking one of the shiny beauties below. Sometimes he succeeds, more often not. So it is with the guileless young man with amatory intent—or perhaps more accurately a lusty quest. At the bank where he cashes his check every other week he […]