Dreaming in High Def

The dreams come, unbidden. Making little or no sense sometimes, at least when he awakens at just the right moment to recall them. At other times they vanish like dew from the grass defenseless against the rising sun. Now in full color, high-definition, full motion video and surround sound—dreams are most vivid. Were they always […]

The Spying Moon

The hot night makes us keep our bedroom windows open. The full moon shines in, staring at us as we try to sleep. Like a nosy neighbor, it refuses to leave us alone—to go away after we bid it goodnight. A sleep mask will hide it from our view, but not my naked body from […]

The Waking Storm

Lightning came, then the thunder and soon the torrential rain. At 5:30 AM the storm woke me. She who wears earplugs against my snore slept on. The storms don’t bother our dog Max either; he has no need for a “thundershirt,” the compression wear that calms canines fears. Even if something disturbs his sleep, he can […]

The Water of Youth

The water seeped through barely visible cracks in the scalloped green and gray stones, pooling at the base of the wall. The people brought the youth there to wash and restore them. The hard pink clay softened in the magic water–water that remained ordinary to the skin of the people and slaked their thirst. But […]