The Man Who Died of Nothing

“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.” So said Redd Foxx. Which prompted this little item: A strange epitaph on the fading tombstone, barely legible on the aged granite. It begins, “James Roberson beloved husband and father died at age 93.” No, that’s not the strange part; that […]

The Furry Visitor

His furry friend—well not really a friend, came with the room. He came out only after dark, as Jim lay sleeping—drifting hopefully toward an unremarkable but good night’s sleep. Rest, I must have rest, Jim moaned. But if the nocturnal demand from an impatient bladder came as it often did, the ball of fur made […]

A Hunchbacked Trout or Allergies to Truth

Now for something completely different. The wondrous writing prompt does it again. I’m not allergic to the truth, just reminded by Jeffrey McDaniel of days decades ago. Brautigan trout fishing in America among the telephone booths. Proctor and Bergman/the Firesign Theatre–the bureau of small animal reclamation where the power resides or the plague on an […]

The Prescient President

No, this didn’t come from the TV remake of the Minority Report movie. But I think it will make a good short story at least–maybe more. The prescient president they called him. Fifty had come before him in America, elected to lead the country. Some offered hope. Some promised prosperity. Many called for change from […]

The Pleasure Store

She sent him to the pleasure store with a note telling the clerk what she wanted, hoping he would be granted entrance. Adults only said the sign. At 12, he could hardly pass for one. Embarrassing being sent on such an errand. Since his father had passed away several years before, she briefly had a […]