A Cloud Descends

John is still awaiting his computer’s return. Here is his newest short item, inspired by the upcoming weather where we live, among other things. Who knows where it will go from here. On a chilly winter’s morn, the cloud descended around them. Anne let the leash out long, giving Max freedom to sniff and explore. Footsteps […]

New Year’s Resolutions

A guest blog, if you will, actually done by John (he’s the writer after all) but due to computer maladies posted by Juanita. Once again it’s time to reconcile the resolution accounts. Did I achieve the goals I set for 2015? What determinations will I make for 2016? Leftovers from this year carryover to the […]

Lizard Love

Long, lonely months had passed since Karsh had last lain with Druna. His mottled crest rose stiffly as he darted to her side, claws poised to meet any playful resistance with faux force. With nostrils flaring, Karsh nipped her neck, holding Druna steady as he swung his golden tail beneath her. As much as she […]

The Blue Flame at the Outer Banks

At Avon, Buxton and Rodanthe the houses sit on stilts. It’s that way all along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Especially so on Hatteras Island, accessible by the tall bridge spanning Oregon Inlet or by the N.C. State Highway Department ferries to Ocracoke Island. The latter is only a 45 minute trip. It’s two […]