The primitive people of Capella have a group consciousness of sorts. It’s not clear that they communicate thoughts with one another but they do move together, without obvious audible or visual signals. Like the flocks of small birds or the schools of fish on Earth. Birds rise from the Earth and swerve this way or that en […]

Clamshell Kimonos

A start of something, but I don’t yet know what.  Fumiko covered clamshells in kimonos every few days. She wrapped beautiful fabric around the shells, silk that might otherwise be worn on formal occasions by full grown humans. How many she completed depended entirely on how many customers ate steamed clams from her family’s restaurant. Unlike […]

Kidney Beans

Amidst all the contentious campaign news in America, it’s time for a little humor to take the edge off. Are kidney beans good for your kidneys? I’ve never seen any reports that say so, but then I don’t pay much attention to the health food websites that get so confusing with their conflicting claims. Still, I […]

California Dreaming

Whenever I hear California Dreaming I am immediately transported back to the streets of Columbus, Georgia in late March, 1967. It’s the home of Ft. Benning, an Army training center for the infantry. People are trained as rangers, infantrymen and officers, among other things. I learned to repair radios, a choice I made to avoid […]

Prentice and the Butterfly

The butterfly’s bark shook Prentice from his reverie. A tart sound, heard only with neuro-pepper augmented senses. Without enhancement, he had no hope of navigating the rain forest that offered many painful deaths—some quick and some prolonged. How long have I been standing here? He wondered, tracking the butterfly’s upward path until it veered away. […]