Fortune Cookie Wisdom Revisited

Some fortune cookie messages are silly. Some are oversimplified slogans. Occasionally some have a bit of wisdom. Went on Friday to the best of the Chinese restaurants in our small town. Best is not saying much. We were spoiled by one of the top ten Chinese restaurants in the Washington DC metro area. It happened to […]

Waiting for Westmoreland

Short of new items to post during the busy weekend, I’m taking a step back into the memoir past. It’s what I had to write before getting on to fiction. With fits and starts, the fiction will be coming this year. You may or may not gravitate to memoirs, or mine in particular. But between what […]

The Vagaries of Family History and Genealogical Records

No fiction today (so far as I know). That will return next week. Oddly enough, this narrative does come from a writing prompt at this week’s Gila Writers Group. I began genealogical research the year I retired. That fall I traveled to Minnesota to see where some of my relatives lived, not being content with […]

Cultural Artifacts from 80s Japan

Back in the 1980s I made three trips to Japan on religious pilgrimages. Volunteer drivers ferried the visitors from central collection points to the homes of local members. On one of those trips, most likely an early one, the driver ushered us into a Toyota Crown Saloon, a model sold only in Japan and select […]