The Farting Frog

The last night they spent together passed into morning. The moon still shone faintly in the pre-dawn sky as a rising sun colored clouds pink. The night could scarcely be called romantic, recounting the experiences of Northern Ireland during its boom years. They had the IT world by the tail. Launching new websites connected to robust servers, passing financial data […]

The Dirty Souls

It can’t be all sci-fi or fantasy. Here’s an opener for a little darker fiction. As a bonus, try out the writing prompt at the end. Something new–look for them on Views from Eagle Peak each week at the end of posts.  He hated the dirt. Dirt that clung to shoes, clothes—even his skin after […]

The Starcatcher

The starcatcher practiced his lonely trade on the galaxy’s rim. He pulled back in those stars escaping the galaxy’s gravity. No one else really cared that the expanding universe threw the occasional star into dark space beyond. All part of the natural order. He cared. They belonged with their counterparts in the clusters where they were born. […]