Debt for Dolphins–Protecting the Coral and More

The Seychelles, which depend on tourism and fishing, has announced a first-of-its-kind program to exchange debt for protection of the ocean around its islands. The island nation will create two new marine parks and in return will have a substantial part of its large national debt paid off under a debt swap, according to an […]

The Gastroenterologist Transportation Commissioner

Another short piece from a writing group prompt–obviously the phrase that’s in the punchline. Use prompts; they work. 😀 No one could have imagined the result of appointing the well-regarded specialist Transportation Commissioner. He had much party support, having donated thousands of dollars to local, state and federal candidates. An astute observer, however, might have […]

Shelter Dogs Get Week-Long ‘Vacation’–Spend Thanksgiving in Real Homes

This month’s good news story comes from Huffington Post (yes, an unlikely source). Lifeline Animal Project, a nonprofit that runs multiple shelters in the Atlanta area, launched its first annual “Home for the Pawlidays” program this year. For the week surrounding Thanksgiving, the 20 dogs are staying “as special guests in people’s homes,” spokeswoman Karen Hirsch […]

Muffins and Maple–Will it Lead to More?

We unanimously agreed at our local writers group that the prompts of the day were not only incomprehensible but insipid. Nonetheless, one about the start of a romance between the two poets, whose prompts we had read, stimulated this response. Perhaps I can use it in a story. One has to develop characters through appropriate means.  […]

Time is Running Out–Download Your FREE Copy of The Fountain

Don’t miss out! Just two days remain to  Download The Fountain for FREE—today and Monday, December 18th.  It goes back to the regular price on the 19th.  See snippets from just three of the reviews that we have received. Read the rest of these and other reviews on the Amazon page. It’s in the top ten […]

Get Waiting for Westmoreland, Tenth Anniversary Edition, ON SALE ’til December 31

Time is running out to get the print edition in time for holiday gift giving. Act soon! But good news–more eBook sellers now have it. Order it right up until Christmas and still get it to your friends or family! See the sale details below the following summary.   It’s been ten years since Waiting for Westmoreland […]

Download The Fountain–FREE for the 2017 Holidays

Download The Fountain for FREE—tomorrow and any of the next four days: December 14 through the 18th.  It goes back to the regular price on the 19th. Don’t miss out! See snippets from just three of the reviews that we have received. Read the rest of these and other reviews on the Amazon page. “The Twilight Zone Meets Philip […]

Waiting for Westmoreland Tenth Anniversary Edition available NOW!

It’s been ten years since Waiting for Westmoreland came out. Yes, the title refers to that general from Vietnam. But the book is really about how my experience in Vietnam put me on a quest to reform myself and make the world a better place. I have continued on that path to enlightenment over the […]

Building Toward a Future–Turning Abandoned Homes to Good Use

From a Southern Poverty Law Center message came this interesting story. A woman incarcerated in an Indianapolis prison heard a mayoral candidate describe the problem of 10,000 abandoned homes and lots in the city. She had a “eureka” moment as the SPLC described it. People like herself, imprisoned for years not only had trouble getting […]

Two Great New Reviews of Waiting for Westmoreland

Waiting for Westmoreland is a memoir I first published only in paper (no Kindle in 2007!). A special tenth anniversary edition is coming for the holidays. In the meantime, two reviews of the Kindle edition recently appeared on Amazon. Here are some excerpts: From SkyWriter’s 5-star review comes this, Here we have a book that […]