The Thief With a Bellyache

The hungry thief made the most of the slim pickings he found in the remote cabin. He made a sandwich to go with stale bread and some dubious leftovers from the nearly empty refrigerator. He hadn’t targeted the dwelling in the woods, it came as a chance encounter while fleeing the police. His last heist […]


Think of the fortune that some techno nerd could make finding the secret technique of turning message spam into the real thing. Selected Pieces of Assorted Meat [one theory of the name’s origin]–SPAM. The US has its CAN-SPAM Act. The EU is even more stringent, with its double opt-in requirement for subscriptions. Few people like […]

Flotsam and Jetsam

I’m not sure from whence the information came–possibly one of those sites that publish stories on Martian babies born to celebrities. Unlikely that it came from Wikipedia. But I believe it anyway. Flotsam and Jetsam are twin brothers, most likely of Scandinavian descent. Some say they might have come from somewhere along the coast of […]

Shakespeare’s Sleep–Elusive for Some

He died at 52–probably a long life in the 16th century. Still, I must suppose that had Shakespeare lived another 15 years he might have worded these lines from Hamlet a little differently, To sleep, perchance to dream. Seriously, for most guys over 60 or certainly 65, it’s more like, To sleep, perchance to pee. More […]

Interpreting Dreams

Not your typical Valentine’s Day Fare, but I had so much fun with this last Tuesday when one of the writing prompts included excerpts from a book which today is most amusing. Perhaps people found it serious then, who can say. Here’s a couple samples from the book and my own take on dream interpretation. No […]

Kidney Beans

Amidst all the contentious campaign news in America, it’s time for a little humor to take the edge off. Are kidney beans good for your kidneys? I’ve never seen any reports that say so, but then I don’t pay much attention to the health food websites that get so confusing with their conflicting claims. Still, I […]

Lizard Love

Long, lonely months had passed since Karsh had last lain with Druna. His mottled crest rose stiffly as he darted to her side, claws poised to meet any playful resistance with faux force. With nostrils flaring, Karsh nipped her neck, holding Druna steady as he swung his golden tail beneath her. As much as she […]

White Punks on Leonard Cohen via Riff Raff

I must confess to not being a Leonard Cohen fan. So perhaps it’s understandable that “a brief elaboration of a tube” (from Going Home) is completely incomprehensible to me. But then it appears mystifying even to Cohen fans, so there. Likely not anything to do with Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Some sexual reference? Who knows? […]

The Spying Moon

The hot night makes us keep our bedroom windows open. The full moon shines in, staring at us as we try to sleep. Like a nosy neighbor, it refuses to leave us alone—to go away after we bid it goodnight. A sleep mask will hide it from our view, but not my naked body from […]

Florence and Howard

Howard loosed the tether that held Florence to the ground. The gondola followed the red, yellow and black striped balloon aloft into cerulean skies. Up, up he went as the burner heated air within hotter and hotter. The east wind caught them as they ascended, he and Florence. He called the balloon by that name […]