The Carter Center–Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope

Something different for a year. The last Friday of each month, we will participate in the We Are the World Blogfest to offer some positivity in the world. This is our first offering of good news. Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the US served from 1977-1981. His legacy as President is at best, so-so. His […]

Eagle Peak Quarterly Up On the Web Now

Where have I been? Getting the next issue of the Quarterly up on the web. Why mention it here? Because, among other things, it has snippets from future novels. Some of them will not be out for years, but this is my writing blog so if you’re visiting here, you must be interested–right? Yes, they may […]

The Third Age–What You Can Learn from Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies occasionally offer genuine wisdom. So it was one night in 2016, eating at the one remaining Chinese restaurant in our small town. The one I got said this: “It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that count.” That seems true enough. In the Third Age, as some […]

It Might Have Happened Like This

The wind came early that year, bringing with it the spring that never ended. Flowers bloomed as never before. Fruit soon followed. Sweet, succulent and intoxicating delights drenched beards or bodices of all who partook of it. Everyone enjoyed the sunny days and refreshing nights. When the wind went its way, they all waited for […]

Lost Dreams

Once again he awakened with the juicy part of a dream playing in his mind’s monitor. Alas, as often happens, the finale escaped observation. Perhaps I need a dreamcatcher. It’s as bad as recording a movie on the DVR only to find out after watching it for two hours that the last several minutes were cut off, leaving […]

The Secret Life of Plants

The hemp never talked to the trees. It did often engage the jimson and the magic mushrooms that grew in the damp shade of rotting limbs fallen from the trees. Hallucinogenic arrogance perhaps, “We’re superior to those oaks and conifers. They can’t manipulate the minds of humans like we can.” said the cannabis. “Oh, yes; […]

Running with Rumi

This time, let’s put the writing prompt first–because inspired the short piece below. It’s from Where Everything is Music, by Rumi and translated by Coleman Barks. My local writing group had much to offer this week! 🙂 Stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest, and let the spirits fly […]

Denizens of Dogue Creek

Some non-fiction for a change. From our time in suburbia not far from wetlands. The thing lay flat on its belly, centered under the car. Hard not to notice it well before she neared the Corolla parked at the curb, 50 feet from the house. She called me to come see it. I suggested she […]

The Farting Frog

The last night they spent together passed into morning. The moon still shone faintly in the pre-dawn sky as a rising sun colored clouds pink. The night could scarcely be called romantic, recounting the experiences of Northern Ireland during its boom years. They had the IT world by the tail. Launching new websites connected to robust servers, passing financial data […]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom Revisited

Some fortune cookie messages are silly. Some are oversimplified slogans. Occasionally some have a bit of wisdom. Went on Friday to the best of the Chinese restaurants in our small town. Best is not saying much. We were spoiled by one of the top ten Chinese restaurants in the Washington DC metro area. It happened to […]