When Your Father Dies, He Takes Your Childhood With Him

When your father dies, a Russian proverb says, he takes your childhood with him. Mine certainly did, as he passed shortly after my seventh birthday. On the other hand, everyone later told me whenever I engaged in this or that misbehavior that he had spoiled me—failing not only to discipline me himself but forestalling controls […]

Aging, a character sketch

No particular use in mind at the moment, just something to keep around for when I may need it. He had attained that age in a man’s life when the hair on arms, legs and chest grows brittle and breaks off while other hairs sprout and flourish mysteriously from nose and ears. The spring in […]

Just about done tweaking John Maberry’s Writing

This is a minimalist design, as you can see. Look for writing excerpts to begin next week. Notice the links under the posts and the pages to a number of social media sites to which you can share what you like here. Care to comment? Please do. I ask for an email address only to hold […]

Hello world!

Wow, this looks a little bleak, doesn’t it? I will continue designing and configuring this new site this week. As I do, it will look a little better. Ultimately it will contain excerpts from work in development–pieces for future publication. Look for shorts that will forever remain as they are, to encourage you to keep visiting until there […]