November Eagle Peak Quarterly Coming Soon

It’s the 30th; only two more days to the next edition of Eagle Peak Quarterly. Among the items will be a preview of a new series on writing that will begin in February and an excerpt from Waiting for Westmoreland, not previously up on the web.Just to give you a tease on the excerpt, here is […]

Legalspeak, Bureaucratese and Writing for Everyone Else

It took a few years, several years actually, to learn how to write simple declarative sentences again after three years of law school and 25 years working in local government writing reports or finishing budgets. It seems almost quaint and a little humorous now to read a legal brief or the near paragraph length sentences […]

Moons, Moons and More Moons

Harvest moon, blue moon, wolf moon, blood moon or blood on the moon, moon over Miami or over Parador—or even the man in the moon. An abundance of lunacy, one might say. Should one expect a low tide or a high tide from mooning someone? No, I suppose not, not even of the 70% water making […]

Tropical Chocolate–a Treat Best Avoided

The chocolate sometimes had an ashy pallor and other times an oily sheen of pastel pink and green reminiscent of gasoline on a wet road or that on wet packed ham. The effect came, I suppose, from the chemicals applied and the peculiar processing of the ingredients keeping chocolate hard at the tropical temperatures of […]

The Grelm

The grelm never ate or drank. Like a tree, it drew sustenance from the wetland soil, the fog and the rain. Warmed by the sun, it took pleasure in the light of the moon. A thousand years it had spent in the lowlands that extended into the bay. The bay whose waters continued to advance […]

Where to Find Sorts When You Are Out of Them

We are all mad here, said the Cheshire Cat. I am not mad, but my wife thinks and often points out that there is a strangeness about me. I do not protest, but rejoice in her assessment. At times, like most people, she can be out of sorts. I offer to get some at the […]