The Home of the Grelm

You may recall seeing a short piece here back in October, The Grelm. This is not about the Grelm, but an introduction to others on its planet. The creature made an ululating appeal to its brethren circling deeper below the surface. Mottled green and brown scales covered its shark-shaped body. The leader or a scout, […]

Recycling Is a Good Thing, Even If It’s Just Funny Posts

These come from my other blog, Views from Eagle Peak, posted way back in 2008. This first one demonstrates the need, even in major newspapers, to always keep a close watch for typos. Competitive Yoga or Resistance Training? In a recent special to the Washington Post, I found this interesting tidbit: Once upon a time, people did yoga to […]

Dreams That Make Stories

Her dreams, especially those induced by the codeine-infused cough syrup, can be most strange. The most recent featured three naked women entering an upscale clothing store on all fours. Body paint rendered them as a Dalmatian, a poodle and a Weimaraner. What need had they for clothes remained unclear. Beyond the obvious, the other noteworthy […]

Free Association and Songs Stuck in Her Head

A single word calls up a lyric of a long ago song, sometimes liked and sometimes not. It drives her crazy at times, never knowing what innocuous comment will bring a snippet that gets stuck in her head. While he freely associates a word or phrase with a lyric, he never gets the song stuck […]