Recycling Is a Good Thing, Even If It’s Just Funny Posts

These come from my other blog, Views from Eagle Peak, posted way back in 2008.

This first one demonstrates the need, even in major newspapers, to always keep a close watch for typos.

Competitive Yoga or Resistance Training?

In a recent special to the Washington Post, I found this interesting tidbit:

Once upon a time, people did yoga to relax. But closer to home, Type A’s . . . are squeezing an adrenaline rush out of their ohm (sic) time.

This is shocking news, given that ohm is a measure of electrical resistance. Perhaps the writer or the post copy editor meant om time–as in “Om mani padme hum” a Tibetan Buddhist mantra referring to the jewel in the Lotus. Which in itself has no necessary correlation with Yoga either. In its various forms stemming from India, I don’t believe Yoga is associated [directly] with Buddhism. Oh well. It was enough for a good laugh reading the otherwise dreary political news on Sunday.

Regular Coffee

Off the road and back to the home PC. Stopped at an outlet mall along I-95 on the way home from Florida. Instead of regular coffee, all they had was irregular. Goes with the clothes offered for sale at the outlet stores I guess.

Finally, this Halloween advertising item:

Be the Talk of the Neighborhood on Halloween

That’s what the guy on the radio said, promoting giving trick-or-treaters Trader Joe’s own brand of chicken broth in resealable containers. Can’t argue with that. I almost ran off the road laughing when I heard this ad yesterday while driving along Woodburn Road. He started out saying how “last year” it is giving pre-packaged Halloween candies. He went on to describe how great the broth is in making rice dishes and other recipes. Okay, so you get the organic mom vote. But can you imagine the look on a kid’s face when he or she pulls this out of the bag of treats? Can you imagine the look on mom’s face if, while banging around with all the other stuff in the bag, the broth container leaks all over everything else? This has to rank among the top non sequitur ads I have ever seen or heard. Yes, you can be assured of being the talk of the neighborhood. [Of course this ad may have been intended to be humorous–to make one want to shop there as a funny and friendly place somewhat Monty Pythonesque]

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