The Gravel Watcher

Only a very short item today, because I want to call your attention to the revised Waiting for Westmoreland page (see above, under the header) that is newly updated with a significantly longer sample (5,000+ words worth). This comes in connection with the happy news that the memoir is now available for $3.99 as an eBook (Kindle, iTunes, Nook, etc.) across a variety of sites. [Note: prices will vary in other currencies and may include tax outside America]. It remains available from online retailers as well, discounted below the cover price. I must come up with a giveaway plan. Stay tuned for that.

So, without further ado, today’s writing excerpt:

The gravel watcher gazed in rapt attention at the curves swept into the Japanese garden. Soon he relaxed and slipped away into the meditation he sought in that quiet space. A blank page appeared in his mind’s eye, upon which he would affirm the scrawl of time in words that came from deep within. Time, that in its passing foretold the expiration of his current life. He had lived a long and satisfying life, doing what needed doing, suffering what there was to suffer and enjoying what there was to enjoy. He had expressed his peace and delight with those closest to him, now he must record his legacy for others.

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