A Boy and His Dog Grow Up

The boy and his dog grow up. He’s now a man with a dog–and a motorcycle with a sidecar for his furry friend. The rainy day today in Silver City not the best for biker dogs, with no wipers on his doggles nor a windshield. The dog likes it that way; with the breeze in […]

A Writer’s Hilltop Retreat–Discovering New Mexico’s Beauty

We have walked the rocky surface of the ground surrounding our New Mexico house for almost two and one-half years now. Fossils pockmark the limestone,once the floor of an ancient inland sea before tectonic action thrust it to its current height of nearly 7,000 feet. We see new things still, like the jumping cholla emerging […]

His Eyes Were Roadmaps

His eyes were roadmaps, nearly dripping blood. Why Talcott Parsons? I don’t recall. Just a major player in the sociology game, but why were we talking of it? He brought it up, I’m sure. An observation about the conceptions, the weltanschauung of this segment of social science. Parson’s thesis, so he opined, is that “basically everything is […]

Florence and Howard

Howard loosed the tether that held Florence to the ground. The gondola followed the red, yellow and black striped balloon aloft into cerulean skies. Up, up he went as the burner heated air within hotter and hotter. The east wind caught them as they ascended, he and Florence. He called the balloon by that name […]