Just a Gigolo or a Surrogate Therapist?

Fact or fiction, you decide. Maybe it’s based on real events with the names changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. Jason went with a female friend—not a girlfriend, just a fellow member of a group to which they both belonged, to visit a friend of hers in the hospital. He had met Ellen […]

Max Moments

If a cat who catches mice is a mouser, is a dog who catches bugs a bugger? Max does play at catching them and may eat them if I fail to notice the hunt in time and dispose of the intruder myself. Who knows what malady he may catch consuming them. He also is a […]

Skip the Interstate–Drive the Backroads

Driving on the interstate is largely boring in the sameness of the scenery, mile after mile. No offense to the citizens of Kansas or Texas, but nowhere is this more pronounced than traversing the flat land of Kansas, West Texas or other such places devoid of hills, curves or diverting sights. The corn and wheat […]

Anecdotes from the Past

The past is indeed that. Of course from time to time it pokes us in the nose with consequences that stem from actions or causes we made then. Then too it offers sometimes amusing anecdotes that can aid in writing essays or be the focus of a memoir. Whether it’s Caitlin Thomas or Joan Didion—there […]

The Fountain Published in Eagle Peak Quarterly Today

“The Water of Youth” and “Through a Raven’s Eye, (posts which appeared here previously) inspired and are a part of The Fountain, a short story reminiscent of  something one might have seen on the Twilight Zone. That’s a show from too long ago for some of you, but reruns in syndication have been continuing for […]