Perhaps the beginning of a short story to include in the collection to come. We shall see if it works for that. In the cold darkness of a moonless winter night he gazed at starry skies. From his desert aerie the Milky Way brought precious memories of a golden eternity. From stars he came and […]

Crocheted Doilies–Time Bound or Cultural Relics?

Crocheted doilies—time bound or cultural relics? Japanese-American women carry on a tradition of their birthplace with the linen mats covering headrests and some the upper seat backs of their family cars as well. American born ladies of a certain age still make use of antimacassars long after the days of pomaded hair. A cousin, I […]

Do We Need Heroes? Can We Be Heroes?

I think I might like being  a hero, but then opportunities never seem to arise to become one. Perhaps it’s as Helen Hayes once said, “we are extraordinary to somebody too.” It’s that way with my adult daughter, who for a couple teenage years left the room whenever I entered. Now she sends me wonderful […]

The Wizard Casts a Spell

A short story starter. Maybe it will be part of the collection that comes out later this year. For now, enjoy these few sentences as an introduction to what might be. The wizard cast a spell much as a brook-bound fisherman might send a fly out to tempt a trout. Out into the village it […]