The Prescient President

No, this didn’t come from the TV remake of the Minority Report movie. But I think it will make a good short story at least–maybe more.

The prescient president they called him. Fifty had come before him in America, elected to lead the country. Some offered hope. Some promised prosperity. Many called for change from failed policies of predecessors. But the weather is beyond a president’s control. As much as they get credit or blame for the economy, few have a fundamental effect on it—there are too many factors beyond their control. Not the least of which is a congress that may help or hinder. Nor could they foresee future events that doomed their plans for great accomplishments. Until now, that is. Barry Hardwick had a power, an insight, that no other former White House occupants had. He was the first precognitive president, able to see significant events to come. Probabilities, not certainties, but likely outcomes if current trends continued. It gave him a decision-making edge. Continue on this path if the results were beneficial or take another if not. He kept his gift to himself. Had voters known of it, he might never have been elected. If they learned of it once in office, all sorts of misfortune could occur. Instead, the pundits were amazed at what he could accomplish, always seeming one step ahead of market plunges, storms, disease outbreaks and other disasters. Then too, his program initiatives caught the wave of every fortuitous event. As much as he wished to make the most of his precognition, he tempered his talent’s use, lest people become suspicious. So he simply became known as prescient to some, lucky to others. The challenge to reveal the truth had to come eventually. He knew it, even without accessing his foresight. Once he did, what choice should he make—must he make?

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