The Light Breather

A tiny bit of speculative fiction. This from a writing prompt that no one in Gila Writers Group could understand, myself included. But the title of the poem served. I think the two sentences will go well with a previous post, The Music Catchers. Tell me if you agree.

The light breather inhaled the life-giving photons, filling its spirit in the bright sun. After each breath it exhaled darkness from every pore, casting a brief shadow that quickly faded in the breeze.


Here’s the writing prompt. More power to you if you can use something more than the title. The Light Breather is a poem by Theodore Roethke, taken from a 1981 issue of the Christian Science Monitor. They didn’t use poetic formatting and I’m not either–it’s a major nuisance to create in WordPress.

The spirit moves, Yet stays: Stirs as a blossom stirs, Still wet from its bud-sheath, Slowly unfolding, Turning in the light with its tendrils; Plays as a minnow plays, Tethered to a limp weed, swinging, Tail around, nosing in and out of the current, Its shadows loose, a watery finger; Moves, like the snail, Still inward, Taking and embracing its surroundings, Never wishing itself away, Unafraid of what it is, A music in a hood, A small thing, Singing.

What, it’s Thursday–the writing posts are supposed to be on Saturday! Yes, but I am posting this now lest I give in to the urge to rant about the RNC convention on my eclectic blog–Views from Eagle Peak. That blog covers many things besides politics; please check it out. There will be NO politics here. This blog is exclusively writing–fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/suspense and the occasional memoir/essay.

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