The Transport Pod

A scene. A story starter. From a recent writing group.

His gauzy skin stretched, sliding over muscle and bone. Sealskin slippery fingers pushed and pressed against the pod wall without success. It moved but wouldn’t open. He must get out. His time had come. Tools were banned within the pod. They could damage growing flesh during the transport. A time-saving process—transforming the colonists for life on the planet while in transit. A water world yet with usable land as well. Well suited to amphibians but not so much to humans as they are. The many years journey offered ample time for the genetic modifications, with the colonists in stasis. Impatient in his newly awakened state, he struggled until the pod wall finally parted, revealing a sunny shore on the green lake.

Soon he saw others, already exploring their new world. Some dove fearlessly into the water. Alex felt no rush to join them. He called out, “Sara, where are you?” but got no reply. Perhaps still in her pod. He looked for her pod before noticing that none had markings. He could, he would, wait for her appearance–assuming he could recognize her amphibian self.


5 thoughts on “The Transport Pod

  1. Great story starter John. Interesting subject matter. I wasn’t aware you were a science fiction writer but it seems it fits you well. And yes I’m here through your link you left me. No, I didn’t get an email for this post 🙁

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