The Time of Your Life

They promised a vision of your life, from childhood through your current age. You’ve already lived it, why get the condensed VR version? Because they said they could change some things, beginning with the year of your birth. Instead of being born in 1980, for example, they could make your birth year 1970. Your parents, who’d been in their late-30s in 1980 would be in their late 20s, still getting started in careers after college. Perhaps an unwelcome surprise or maybe a happy occasion avoiding fertility issues that plagued them. You might never meet and marry your current spouse, have a different education and career path. Or you could go way more extreme—choose 1870 for your birth! New parents—your great-great grandparents or perhaps another generation before. You might then be one of your own ancestors!

My mother was in her late 30s when she gave birth to me. Her last child before me came at age 22. A very different experience for him and a still older brother than mine. What life might I have lived had I been born 12 or 15 years sooner? From that thought came this story beginning.


4 thoughts on “The Time of Your Life

  1. Interesting food for thought. I should think we’d all be different if born in a different decade, or to different parents for that matter. 🙂

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