Flotsam and Jetsam

I’m not sure from whence the information came–possibly one of those sites that publish stories on Martian babies born to celebrities. Unlikely that it came from Wikipedia. But I believe it anyway. Flotsam and Jetsam are twin brothers, most likely of Scandinavian descent. Some say they might have come from somewhere along the coast of the Baltic Sea. At least it’s said they dealt in recovering and refinishing debris washed ashore near their seaside village. The items sparked the imagination even as their gleam captured the visual senses. Much work went into fashioning the stuff into appealing souvenirs or for the better ones, objet d’art. Off the beaten path, their work seldom afforded them the wealth they deserved. So they retired to Copenhagen. That’s where they made their mark and their fortune. From scavengers they became successful merchants, dealing in chewing tobacco. A baseball player visiting from America enjoyed their new product so much that it became a big hit across teams in America. Eventually, of course, some of the younger players abandoned their product for gum. By that time, they were ready to move on to Copenhagen’s next big hit, marijuana.

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