Winter’s Grip Comes Early to Much of America

Been there, done that. A phrase perhaps out of favor by now, through overuse. Still, it applies. Growing up there and spending many years off and on, Minneapolis is feeling an early cold snap right now. One January, some decades ago, the average temperature for the month was well below zero. But here’s a fond memory of Minneapolis winters–well, not the below zero days. Maybe the heat wave days of high teens or low 20s.

Bridgeman's ice cream shop

There’s nothing like an ice cream cone on a cold winter’s day. I used to get one at Bridgeman’s, on the south side of  Hennepin Avenue between 6th and 7th streets. It’s long gone now. My dubious theory? The cold cone nearly equalized the inner and outer temperatures, making me warmer. More likely, of course, the warming came from the sugar–offering a carbohydrate boost to the metabolism. My theory seemed nearly plausible back in the 70s. If you’re in Minnesota right now or some other very cold place, why not give it a try? It might work for you.

If you’re not there now but do want to visit Minnesota, spring or fall are more tolerable from a heat and cold perspective. On the other hand, summer does have the Aquatennial in Minneapolis and the Winter Carnival comes to St. Paul in January. Just bundle up for the latter. Don’t be like the high school girls of the sixties (and today?) walking around with open toe shoes, skirts and short socks.

If you want to escape your deep freeze, wherever you are, you could come visit us near Silver City, New Mexico. December is normally the coldest month in southwestern New Mexico. Not this year. It will be in the mid 60s most days this week. Warmer than average the rest of the month as well. I think it’s the work of La Nina.

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