Derek’s Dominoes

An experiment–writing a story starting with a technique D.G. Kaye calls “trainstorming” on her blog. I have combined that with a short item I had crafted from the writers group that I belong to. Sort of as an introduction. 

Growth is measured by straying from the comfort zone–into untried and unknown. Unknown could be scary to some, especially in scary stories. Stories of unexpected events or visitors that appear in otherwise comfortable places. Places one frequents without incident until that time. Time should be a well known thing, a thing that behaves itself by moving in only one direction from past, through present, to future–never alternating. Alternating currents of time–what would, what could he do with that?

Time switching directions, moment to moment, like the wind in Mimbres Valley. A wind blowing from the west and then the north or south and back again. Time carrying him toward tomorrow when he’ll be doing this or doing that–all per the bullet list whose items are to be checked off while his body moves inexorably to its exit. The next moment the wind of time reverses, carrying him back to yesterday or yesteryear. Perhaps to travel a path not taken.

Derek faced this unknown alternating current of time, unprepared for its effects. Disorienting. Frightening. It took a long time—ha, for him to find it exhilarating. To fully appreciate the opportunity. First to make the most of each moment. Then to actually bend his brain to control the current–a capacity he’d never known might exist. No time traveling machine a la H.G. Wells–no, Derek mastered time itself. A mastery not without consequence.

3 thoughts on “Derek’s Dominoes

  1. Thank you John for using ‘trainstorming’ in this story. I love the concept. I like that you said, time only moves forward, but when the wind reverses, Derek gets carried back to yesterday. Brilliant! 🙂 I’m adding this link to the actual post. 🙂

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