The Fountain–a Kindle edition available July 10 on Amazon

Cover of The Fountain, Kindle book
Coming on Monday, July 10th–The FountainA seven-story fantasy and sci-fi collection of short fictionOne quarter the size of an average novel, it’s perfect for summer reading or when you have a few minutes to spare but not a couple of hours or more.

Reminder: If you pre-ordered The Fountain, it will be automatically delivered to your Kindle device, the cloud reader or  your app on Monday. You can still pre-order it today or wait and order it on Monday. Just to pique your interest, here’s a brief excerpt from “Lily, an Amazing Dog.” Want to know more, check out the Amazon page or look back at the first post about the book here, with brief highlights of each story.


The first incident came on a morning walk past the retirement home, along a tree-lined boulevard. A flash of sun off a sliding glass door across the street caught Roger’s eye. A lady in a green dress stepped through the door onto her fifth floor balcony. She smiled and waved, seeing Lily with her plushy frog. It’s a retriever thing—Goldens can go nowhere without carrying something in their mouth. The matron began watering a potted ficus. He looked away momentarily.

A loud sound of rending metal drew his attention back to the building. With silver hair streaming and dress flapping like a flag in a stiff wind, the woman plunged from the collapsing balcony. Lily barked at the sight, dropping her frog. In that brief moment, a shimmer appeared in the air. The woman disappeared into the flickering space, never hitting the ground. Lily barked again, before picking up her frog and moving on with the walk as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

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