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Cover of The Fountain, Kindle bookYou’ve seen it highlighted here before. Now you can download The Fountain  for FREEthese three days only: August 25, 26 and 27. It will be back to $2.99 on the 28th. Don’t miss out! See just two of the reviews that we have received so far. Read more on the Amazon page.


A great read! Says D.G. Kaye, author of several nonfiction books“If you enjoy short stories in fantasy/sci-fi genres, and stories that make you think then look no further than Maberry’s tales which will engross you with stories about karma, greed, time travel, aliens and muses. . . Maberry is a prolific writer who knows how to keep a reader captivated till the end and finishes his stories with an unexpected twist.”

The Twilight Zone Meets Philip K. Dick” says Nicholas Rossis, author of several sci-fi and nonfiction books. “I wonder if The Fountain’s stories should be labeled speculative or science fiction, as they remind me more of Twilight Zone and less of Philip K. Dick. Maybe that’s the best definition of them; the common ground between these works. Whichever it is, I enjoyed them and their twists. Maberry writes in a clear way that immerses the reader into the story. He has a gift for creating easily identifiable characters who feel familiar after just a few lines. All in all, a fine collection for those who enjoy their short stories with a twist.”

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  1. HI John. Thanks for sharing my review of your wonderful book and Nick’s review is fantastic! I’m going to reblog this promo on Thursday on my blog so it gets lots of reading the next day and throughout the weekend! And of course I’ll share around and to my FB group where we have tons of readers. 🙂

  2. Thank you, thank you!!!!! I’ve been busy, busy. Another local writer and myself talked about the science (me) and the history (her) of eclipses at our local library yesterday. They handed out the glasses and we saw what we could (only about 65% of an eclipse here). They live streamed it from a NASA feed as well. I did some readings from The Fountain and more. Had about 60 people there! Handed out info on the upcoming freebie and other info on me. Great opportunity arranged by her.

    1. Wow! That sounds fantastic! That should generate some buzz and timely too! 🙂 OOps, meant to say I’ll put it out Friday. I’ll be doing a double post because it’s #WATWB end of the month post time again. 🙂

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