Stardust–Joni Mitchell May Have Been Right

Nearly 50 years ago Joni Mitchell sang of the famous festival of Woodstock. She said in her counterculture song of the same name, “We are stardust.” Now there are scientists who say we may indeed be made of–or at least include in our DNA, not just an inheritance from Lucy millenia ago in Africa but from dust particles blown by galactic winds across the Milky Way.

Supernovas and star-birthing nebula’s may have expelled matter across the universe, hither and yon. Up to one-half of the atoms surrounding us may have intergalactic origins. Making us, in some respects space travelers. Perhaps this explains the abundance of people we refer to as “space cadets.” Perhaps their genetic heritage includes more than a fair share of dust from deep space–with an abundance not simply of dark matter but what might be called, “dumb matter.”

Aside from the pejorative humor, I suspect that this article might form the basis for some interesting backstory–or even a plot line, in a future story. If you get to it first, congratulations. The article is out there; it’s not mine.

6 thoughts on “Stardust–Joni Mitchell May Have Been Right

  1. I’d say it’s one heck of a story subject. Even the title ‘Stardust’ could be a draw since a popular movie of same name (nothing to do with this topic though) came out last year. 🙂

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