Get Waiting for Westmoreland, Tenth Anniversary Edition, ON SALE ’til December 31

Book cover, Waiting for WestmorelanTime is running out to get the print edition in time for holiday gift giving. Act soon!

But good news–more eBook sellers now have it. Order it right up until Christmas and still get it to your friends or family!

See the sale details below the following summary.


It’s been ten years since Waiting for Westmoreland came out. Why the title? See Chapter 8, but here’s a cluethere’s no more point waiting for a general than for Godot. You have to find your own way. As in the path from Vietnam to enlightenment.

The book is really about how my experience in Vietnam put me on a quest to reform myself and make the world a better place. I have continued on that path to enlightenment over the past four decades. We have published a tenth anniversary edition commemorating when I first shared that experience with the world.

This special edition has a colorful new cover, an expanded epilogue and a foreword by 40+ year friend and retired diplomat Bob Tansey.

If you haven’t read it yet, now is your chance to get the book at a holiday discount. If you have read it, now is the opportunity to buy one as a gift for a friend or family member who needs it. See the excerpt from the foreword about why you should.


Here’s the details on the sale:

Get an Amazon Kindle version for just $1.99 through December, 2017 [In the US; may be higher elsewhere].

Or get another digital format for your tablet or other e-reader at $1.99 through 12/31/17 at these sites:

  • Nook
  • iBooks 
  • Kobo (still pending but will be available soon)
  • Other sites–check your favorite, they may have it!

Rather have it in print? Nicer for a gift. The trade paper version is on sale at $10.16 plus shipping through December (a 40% discount from the cover price). Order soon if you want to send it as a gift–it’s 3-5 days to print plus shipping time (you can pay for expedited shipping, of course).


So why give it away as a holiday gift? Take a peek at this excerpt from the foreword: 

John Maberry and I met over forty years ago. I’m pleased that we’ve kept close contact all these years. I went overseas with the foreign service and later as an environmentalist, spending most of the past thirty years living and working all over the world. John and his wife Juanita spent most of those years in Northern Virginia before retiring to a remote corner of New Mexico while my wife and I returned to the Washington, DC area a few years later.

John and I met because we were both attracted to the teachings and practice of Buddhism and are both members of the SGI-USA Buddhist community (see I like to share the values and practice of Buddhism with others, and one might say it’s simply convenient for me to share this book, a story of my old friend and fellow Buddhist practitioner.

On deeper reflection, though, this book means a lot more to me – and may hold a lot for you! There are important universal truths in here, told through the story of my old friend. That’s why I buy this book and give it away to people—I believe that they can benefit from it possibly even in profound ways.

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