The Waffle House Hero

It’s the last Friday of the month and time for the We Are the World Blogfest good news item. I didn’t get a reminder this month so I have no idea who this month’s co-hosts are. If you see a post elsewhere, you might find them.

With all the assault weapon attacks across America, it’s great to see a hero emerge to save lives. Not only did James Shaw, Jr. confront and disarm a shooter who had already killed four people at a Waffle House diner in Nashville, he started a Go Fund Me site for surviving victim. The page has already received over $165,000.

Read more about him and the attack here, if you haven’t already seen or heard all about it–which you probably have if you live in North America.


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4 thoughts on “The Waffle House Hero

  1. Thank you for participating in the #WATWB this month!

    It’s heartening to read that the GoFundMe Campaign is so well supported and also that the state General Assembly officially recognized Shaw’s heroism.
    In a world of increasing self-centredness and self-gratification, it gives hope that there are still good people out there!

    Writer In Transit
    #WATWB April Co-host

  2. Hi John – amazing what James did … and then setting up a fund for the families … while people set up a fund for him – he is definitely one amazing young man … so glad he lived – thanks for letting us know – cheers Hilary

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