GDPR Changes and John Maberry’s Writing

I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the European Union member countries to actively enforce requirements to protect the privacy of the citizens within those countries. Unfortunately, the challenges of making changes to my websites is more than I am willing to take on at this time, while working to overcome some health challenges. 

I run no ads, do no direct sales, collect no personal data other than names, email addresses and websites and then only for comments on posts or for subscribing to posts. I share them with no one, nor do I sell them. Until such time as VERY SIMPLE plugins and hopefully changes to WordPress itself to address GDPR are available I won’t be making those changes required to comply with it.

To protect myself from liability, this site will no longer be available within those countries known to be within the European Union as of May 25, 2018. Sometime this year, I will make an effort to join Facebook and will accelerate posts to Google Plus in an effort to publicize works in progress and new book releases. Once the process of compliance becomes simpler, this site should again be available to EU countries.

If you, somehow manage to connect with this site after May 25 and your IP is within the EU, please send me a comment identifying your country so that I can block access to it. I will appreciate your effort to protect me from enforcement actions.

7 thoughts on “GDPR Changes and John Maberry’s Writing

    1. I’m getting comfortable with my CPAP, so but not getting the full benefit yet because I’ve had a cold clogging my nose part of some nights–defeating the use of the machine. So still not firing on all cylinders most days (weeks, actually based on the apnea). Headaches and brain fog make intellectual work difficult at best. Imagine an appropriate emoji here.

      1. Arg, how long does it take to get that going? I thought as soon as you put on the equipment it’s a more peaceful sleep? Get yourself some Olbas oil to have handy for colds – the tincture drops. All you do is sprinkle some on a tissue and sniff intermittently. For sleeping, sprinkle a few spashes on a tissue and keep on the pillow beside you. I swear by this. It’s natural, opens up clogged passages. I don’t take chemical crap for colds. 🙂 <3

        1. Oh I wish it were that simple. It can take three weeks to get used to the machine. Here’s the thing–you’re putting something on your head/face and it pushes air into you, makes a little noise and has to move with you when you roll over during sleep. Add the stuffy nose (part of the time) and it’s more of a challenge. But I’m comfortable with the device already. As soon as I get rid of the cold, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. AND writing like a demon, I hope.

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