Hottest Summer In Seven Years But the Wildlife Likes It

We moved to Silver City in March 2011. This is the hottest summer since we’ve been here. Global warming? That’s not subject to anecdotal changes of a decade or so. Validation is found over a period of at least a century, probably a lot longer. But the data is out there. But let’s not get into that. We’re talking about our personal experience here in New Mexico.

June is typically the hottest month in New Mexico. May starts warming up for the summer. July starts trending back down as the rains come. The clouds did their job, but the heat is still here on many days. We had nineties on many days in May, June and July! No, not every day–but more than should be outside of June. Oh well, that’s how you get averages. So the ceiling fans are on the casement windows open a half-hour after sundown as the temperature drops. Hot as it is outside, we haven’t been above 85 degrees inside.

Yes, the snakes like the weather–we’ve seen several bull snakes. A smaller one, maybe 24-30 inches graced our kitchen. I thought it was a larger lizard I saw in the side mirror of the Tundra as I entered the garage one day. Nope, must have been the snake. I had to pull the range away from the wall to move him out with a backscratcher before grabbing him behind the head and carrying him back outside.

We don’t have picture of that little guy, but here’s a bigger one that my dog Max carefully observed from several feet away. Yes, they do look a bit like rattlers, but they don’t have that noisemaker. This one is about 3.5 feet long. There have been many more snakes this summer–some bullsnakes and others we’re not sure of. No rattlers this year.

A bullsnake moves away from camera range


The tarantulas are here too. We hadn’t seen any since 2013. Now they’re everywhere–a small dead one in the driveway (natural causes, a predatory wasp?), one I saw from 30 feet away crossing the highway (I passed over him,  between the wheels) and then there was the one above the garage door. Not as big as the one on the highway or the one in 2013, but interesting.

The spider sat on the outside wall of the garage


The lizards are plentiful too. Skinny ones and fat ones. Long ones and short ones. Little ones (a couple inches) and a tad bigger (three to four inches). Birds galore too at the seed feeder–doves, finches, wrens, grosbeaks, Mexican jays and more. At least three varieties of hummingbirds are now here at the two feeders.


A desert willow with pretty flowersThe plants like the weather too. Cacti are doing well. The desert willow we planted six weeks ago is doing great, with new flowers continually blooming. Here’s a photo from today, with buds and blooms in full display.



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2 thoughts on “Hottest Summer In Seven Years But the Wildlife Likes It

  1. The weather has been crazy all around the world – mostly with extreme heat, especially in the UK. Yes, global warming is happening. We seemed to have almost lost our 4 seasons into 2 these past couple of years, going from extreme cold right into summer and vice versa.
    Oh, and you sure do have some scary critters around your neck of the woods! LOL 🙂

    1. Ah, but most of the critters aren’t really dangerous. It’s the plants that will get you–there’s only a few that don’t have thorns or needles! Heavy denim for walking off the road, and even then one must be careful 🙂

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