Hummingbirds Rain Truce–Haiku

Not much of a poetry fan or poet–either one. But one must take on a challenge now and then to remain creatively literate in composing prose. So here is a haiku for Colleen Chesbro’s weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.


From Pixabay


Gloomy Rain falling

Wings sign a fleeting treaty

Hummers dine in peace


7 thoughts on “Hummingbirds Rain Truce–Haiku

  1. Very proud of you my friend. I too am no poet, but it is a good brain challenge! I’m sharing in my author group on FB. Have you linked the post at Colleen’s blog? Go over and leave your link on the post so she will see it. But since she’s my partner in our FB group she’ll see it anyway. 🙂 Good on you! And I love hummingbirds. <3

  2. I love haiku. It is my favorite type of poetry because it’s typically based on nature. I think yours is splendid. I love “wings sign a fleeting treaty.” 🙂

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