I Think, Therefore I When

Just a little variation on Rene Descartes, perhaps the title of a novel to come. It all started with a post from April last year, Derek’s Dominoes, that’s been running through my mind of late. I plan on working on two or more series steadily the next few years doing what the “experts” advise–getting them done before putting out even one. In the meantime, this time travel piece has come to dominate my heretofore dormant 2018 writing consciousness. So I simply must post another snippet about Derek now. [More on 2019 and beyond writing/publishing plans in late December—here OR on Views from Eagle Peak, TBD]


The first incident happened like this.

An old mix resurrected from a bin overdue for cleaning played in his ear. He didn’t know the song was on it. “Voices Carry,” took him back to that day when she told him it was over. She’d had enough, she said, and played the tune to illustrate why. A sudden gust tossed unbound hair in his face. He tied it back before moving on and looked up in shock.

“What the hell!” Derek said. He wasn’t recalling the event with Susan anymore—she was there in front of him, physically, in their apartment with Aimee Mann’s voice carrying as loudly as her own.

“No! No! This can’t be happening, again” he said, “We’ve been through this before!

“Yes and that’s why I’m leaving. I’ve had enough, Derek—it’s over! I’ll come back for my stuff in a couple days,” she said, slamming the door behind her, drawing air through the open windows.

The breeze brought Derek back to the present, stumbling along the sidewalk barely missing an older woman passing in the other direction.

That was then; this is now. A memory and nothing more. That couldn’t have happened. Maybe that green chile cheeseburger overpowered me. Maybe I’ve been working too hard. 

After a few days of worry and bewilderment, he put the strange event aside. An episode of the Twilight Zone that he’d probably watched in syndication, perhaps. That is, until it happened again–another trip in time.


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