Socks for the homeless–a business model for #WATWB

November’s #WATWB–helping the homeless with what they really need

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I’ve heard of these guys before in a radio ad, now the founders of Bombas socks are featured in this CNN Business article. Yes, for you or me the socks aren’t free (or too cheap) but for each pair sold a free pair is donated to homeless shelters. As it turns out, that’s what the homeless need most.

David Heath walked up to a homeless veteran and telling him he had no money to give him but offered a pair of socks. The article says:

“Heath remembers watching the man take off his shoes and seeing that one foot was wrapped in a bandana and the other was wrapped in a plastic bag.
‘Seeing that — just how much I could imagine being in that situation and what having a nice clean pair of socks at that moment would do — I’ll never shake that moment,’ he said.”
So he and his co-founder created a company that has donated 10 million pairs of socks. The socks are durable, made of cotton and wool and reinforced–at $12, there apparently is enough profit to give away a free pair for each one sold.
Socks being given away
Socks and toiletries are handed out at a women’s shelter on the Upper East Side in New York. Photo from CNN Business article

“Heath acknowledged that no one grows up dreaming about creating the perfect sock or building a ‘sock empire.’ But he said his ultimate goal is to ‘develop relationships with people as a result of the work.’
When Heath realized Charlie [a two-years-homeless man] liked books, he bought him a Kindle and a solar charger that he reloads every couple of weeks. Charlie, an avid reader, no longer has to walk 50 blocks uptown to borrow books from a shelter on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and lug them back downtown.”
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  1. Heartwarming when we hear about people who do for others. 🙂 I’ll share your link on the FB WATWB group so others know you’ve posted. <3

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