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Didn’t get the reminder this month, but here’s something for the We Are the World Blogfest–that monthly message of  good news. No politics, no crime, no pessimism–just people doing things to make others happier or healthier. Or making the world a better place.

Here’s a new one on me, culinary arts therapy.

I’ll have to confess, I’m not all into cooking or cooking shows. I only found this by chance looking at the mobile version of CNN early this morning. Had to search for it on the desktop version.

Anyway, here’s a snippet from the story with the essential link for more.

“Whenever Grandma Dolly cooked, we all would come running,” Mikki Frank reminisced while mixing pancake batter in a ceramic mixing bowl.

Her therapist Julie Ohana asked, “What about your grandma’s buttermilk pancakes made them so special?””Her love,” Frank replied.

“That’s a big part of any recipe,” Ohana affirmed.

Over the past few months, Frank has been exploring culinary arts therapy, one of the latest trends in self-care. The practice combines cooking with traditional therapy, Ohana’s specialty.

“The method is relatively new within the counseling field and has proven helpful for those with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. This is due in part to its meditative aspect.

“It’s really an exercise in mindfulness,” Ohana said. “When you’re lining up things, cutting things in a certain way, you really get into a groove. You’re really able to focus on what you’re doing, be in the moment, let other things go.”

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  1. My husband is passionate about cooking and he believes that it acts as a stress buster for him. So good to know that cooking and its therapeutic effect is now being used in counseling field. Thanks for sharing this lovely news, John!

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