#WATWB for April–Serving the Pandemic Heroes from Pennsylvania

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Pandemic Heroes

EMTs, doctors, nurses, and countless other frontline health workers are treating patients and saving lives, many at the expense of their own. You see them on your local or national news, the newspaper or the web. They are the true heroes. There are so many more behind the scenes that make it possible for those on the frontline to continue what they are doing.

Here’s just one other bunch of people making an essential contribution.

Workers clocking out at Braskem Plant
Workers clocked out on Sunday after spending 28 days at the plant making material for PPE. Photo from CNN article.

As reported on the CNN website, more than 40 workers at a factory in Pennsylvania volunteered to stay at the plant for four weeks. They slept there, ate there and worked twelve hour shifts making polypropylene, a raw material for making N95 masks–as well as medical gowns and other PPE equipment.

Workers in Texas and West Virginia also did the live-in rotations.

We can appreciate and thank all the people doing what they can to deal with the pandemic–in our hearts and in our prayers, if not personally at this point.

The cohosts for this month’s WATWB are: Eric Lahti, Susan Scott, Dan Antion, Damyanti Biswas, Inderpreet Kaur Uppal.

14 thoughts on “#WATWB for April–Serving the Pandemic Heroes from Pennsylvania

  1. It really is extraordinary how workers go the extra mile, 1000’s of miles really. Thanks for acknowledging these ones staying 28 days to make necessary medical PPE’s … true heroes. Thanks John .. hope all well with you and family 🙂

    1. Still doing well. Busy as usual. Have a Zoom meeting in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Never heard of it until January this year but now that’s the new way for my Buddhist organization to meet until it’s safe to be together again.

  2. I saw this on the news yesterday. So many wonderful selfless people helping out. The only concern from me was the men all lined up in close quarters with no masks. They finally go home and come back with germs and spread.

    1. I wondered about the guys all standing together too. I had to assume they had been checked out ahead of time and/or none exhibited any symptoms the entire month. But then there’s asymptomatic spread . . .

  3. Thanks for highlighting these efforts and these people. We don’t often even hear about the people making the raw material or precursor products, let alone the selfless efforts that are making to keep these supply lines moving.

    Thanks for participating in WATWB!

    1. You are quite right, Dan. Been away from WATWB for a bit and got through the obstacles that had prevented my posts. Now, during the pandemic, been trying to hit the writing on all cylinders!

  4. Hi John – I hadn’t heard about this selfless withdrawl to make PPE for health workers … just brilliant – and so wanted and needed. Excellent – and definitely heroes … take care – Hilary

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