Senses That Trigger Place Memories

Ask me and I’ll tell you, I’m not big on poetry–reading it or writing it. I’ve been exposed to more lately. Made me think that maybe, just maybe, I should putter around with it now and then. 

We live high atop a New Mexico hill now. We lived and vacationed on the East Coast in days gone by. Do your senses take you to other places and times? Perhaps you don’t know what some of these things look like. We have added some images to aid you. 

Summer winds push pinion–rustle bear grass

Breezes bounce off prickly pear–chuck cholla

Gusty wind’s wake strikes my ear

Waves breaking on the shore

The Mid-Atlantic, not New Mexico

Avon or Buxton–the Outer Banks

Warm and breezy–here or there

Hours go by, chilly gusts come–damp with rain

Temps drop quickly–a passing front

A decade ago in Virginia–here

and now

Part of a Pinion pine
a pinion pine
A cholla cactus in the foreground, bear grass in the background
a cholla in front and bear grass behind
a prickly pear cactus in bloom
a prickly pear cactus blooming
Outer Banks beach with killdeer
Avon or Buxton beach

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