Peeping Roadrunner

He hopped atop the rock. The one holding down the table against the wind.


His piercing eyes gazed through the window. What life did they have beyond the glass barrier,  he wondered.


She might have opened the door for a visit, instead she just took photos. For the best, no doubt. He and our dog Max might not have hit it off.

A Roadrunner atop a side table looks in our window
A handsome, curious bird–can, but prefers not to fly

2 thoughts on “Peeping Roadrunner

  1. Great photo! My dad was a wildlife biologist, and sometimes I’d go along with him on one of his bird counts. While I have genuine respect for nature and consider myself to be an environmentalist, I never developed into much of a birder.

    1. Me neither, but the share our space. Two quarts of food a day for the hummers these days twenty pounds of seed a week for the others. We just watch the hawks and listen to the ravens. We struggle to ID which species some are–OK, many.

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