Twilight–a peak, a driftwood frame and memories

Another Zoom brunch and another photo prompt–no, we do word or phrase ones too. Here’s the photo. From Lake Tahoe, Eve says. She is the group organizer–also a poet, photographer vocalist and more. 

A rocky shore at Lake Tahoe looking toward peaks at Donner Pass through a driftwood frame

From the image comes this poetic venture:

Twilight deepens, a flash of light

The camera captures a fleeting image

Through the hastily formed frame

A portal to a snowy peak’s past

She was present there once

Across the lake, over a rocky shore

Not a place for a picnic, still he must recall it

Where she last entranced him

With her smile, a look and a word

A love that might have endured

Like the decaying wood, it didn’t

Dead and gone, but not forgotten

A mind might see and hear

Something, someone, never there

But it might have been


4 thoughts on “Twilight–a peak, a driftwood frame and memories

  1. A beautiful piece of writing, John. What might have been? A phrase or thought most of us have had at one time or another, even if we are content in our lives.

    The photo brings back a lot of memories for me. My wife and I honeymooned in Lake Tahoe and have returned a few times over the years.

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