a Rabbi and an Imam Visit New York Campuses

An amazing segment from Stephanie Ruhle’s show last night.

Two prominent faith leaders have been friends for twenty years. Islam and Judaism are both Abrahamic religions, they point out. With their perspectives on interfaith understanding, they went to colleges in New York to work toward understanding among students. Many of the campuses are rife with anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.

This 9:30 minute clip will give you hope that the disinformation that propels the hatred can be remedied.

4 thoughts on “a Rabbi and an Imam Visit New York Campuses

  1. Thanks for showing this clip, John. I hadn’t seen it, although I’m a big fan of Stephanie Ruhle. I watched the Republican debate the other night, and one candidate discussed Antisemitism and Islamophobia as if they competed with one another to see which group receives more hate. It struck me as such a ridiculous thing to focus on. Hate is hate, regardless of the target. Can’t we just call all of it out as wrong?

  2. Thanks for sharing this John. I’d seen the segment as I enjoy Steph’s show. We need a lot more of this to combat that hate propaganda being administered through terrorists networks, calling for ‘their people’ to stand up everywhere. My city is horrible, and at least the US is condeming the hatred, Canada is a pushover with no leadership. 🙁

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