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A rarely formal meThat’s me, formally attired, a rare event even before retirement.  We (the wife and I) relocated from our home in Northern Virginia–with its traffic, noise, heat and humidity–to the scenic hills of New Mexico in 2011. After settling into our dream house high atop a hill, in 2013, we have returned to our third age pursuits–quilting for her and writing for me. I had a dream of being a writer since second grade. Procrastinator that I am, it took until retirement from that day job to really get moving on that dream. So now I can honestly call myself a writer. I am also a lapsed lawyer, a former government employee, a father of two and a 40+ year (in this lifetime) Bodhisattva of the Earth.  I am the author of Waiting for Westmoreland.  I’m also a happy man and a funny guy (strange/weird my wife says).

Here on my writing blog the focus is posting short pieces of future work. Sometimes humor, sometimes fantasy or sci-fi, sometimes action/thriller items or mysteries. Look for the occasional essay, excerpts from future work that may change from what you see here and items that will remain as they are–never to wind up in a book or a magazine, just current entertainment.

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