I Used to Dance

A little something from the Gila Writers Group last week. I used to dance, long ago, once I overcame the fear of ridicule or looking foolish to those who actually knew the footwork and possibly other associated motions that certain Sixties dances required. By the Seventies, free-styling was the dominant form on the floor. With […]

Just a Gigolo or a Surrogate Therapist?

Fact or fiction, you decide. Maybe it’s based on real events with the names changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. Jason went with a female friend—not a girlfriend, just a fellow member of a group to which they both belonged, to visit a friend of hers in the hospital. He had met Ellen […]

The Angler

The angler puts his line into the clear cold water in hopes of hooking one of the shiny beauties below. Sometimes he succeeds, more often not. So it is with the guileless young man with amatory intent—or perhaps more accurately a lusty quest. At the bank where he cashes his check every other week he […]