Putting Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes

It’s a good thing to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes you have no other choice. She can’t wear hers at all for another few weeks. The foot surgery March 20th ensures that. So I’m relearning tasks we used to share when we both worked and had kids at home. Laundry Grocery shopping Cooking–up […]

High Beams, Cold Beer and Church

High beams flashed like lightning in the night, blinding aging eyes. Into the ditch he drove and out again, sliding over leaves piled deep by the wind. “Whew, that was close!” He said. “Yes dear, but thrilling wasn’t it?” Said Hilda. “Perhaps you could call it that. Easy enough for you to say, you weren’t […]

Sleeping Together But Alone

They slept together but alone. The marriage was over in fact but not in name. Legalities awaited. Six months living apart required for the no fault divorce. No cohabitation the law spelled out. But he, a student, and she a nurse’s aide,  could scarcely afford the minimal costs of the divorce itself, let alone separate […]