An American in Paris

Who knows what may come of a tourist encounter? The Gila Writers Group is typically small, between 4-8 people, but it serves me well in story starters. This is another inspired by a recent meeting. “Quelle heure est-il,” he asked the vendor selling crepes. “3:20,” the man replied, tugging a watch from his apron pocket. The vendor […]

A Cloud Descends

John is still awaiting his computer’s return. Here is his newest short item, inspired by the upcoming weather where we live, among other things. Who knows where it will go from here. On a chilly winter’s morn, the cloud descended around them. Anne let the leash out long, giving Max freedom to sniff and explore. Footsteps […]

The Pleasure Store

She sent him to the pleasure store with a note telling the clerk what she wanted, hoping he would be granted entrance. Adults only said the sign. At 12, he could hardly pass for one. Embarrassing being sent on such an errand. Since his father had passed away several years before, she briefly had a […]

Just a Gigolo or a Surrogate Therapist?

Fact or fiction, you decide. Maybe it’s based on real events with the names changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. Jason went with a female friend—not a girlfriend, just a fellow member of a group to which they both belonged, to visit a friend of hers in the hospital. He had met Ellen […]